Go-between organization scouting cultural project to match vacant spaces opportunities offered by private and public owners
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Source: photos Free Riga, Riga
Source: photos Free Riga, Riga
Keywords: Temporary use | Abandoned Spaces | Community Art | Urban Renewal


The crisis of 2008 stopped the possible development projects of the city of Riga.  Subsequently, many hundreds of buildings with now-theoretical development visions have been left empty, unheated and not decently looked after, where the cultural sector is booming and looking for space – culture. Although this sector had already started some successful ad-hoc temporary use projects already in 2005, these had been local and unknown to most of the property owners.

The Free Riga movement and then NGO is as a group of activists who have worked increasingly with the Municipality on temporary use matters. 



Free Riga has been key in several key steps of the Temporary Use issue in Riga:

  • Identifying (mapping) vacancy, getting the recognition of vacancy as a problem and measuring the demand for creative, social and artistic temporary use;
  • Providing a service of intermediary between owners and users of the spaces;
  • Cooperating with municipality and discovering stronger value proposition in form of tax reductions;
  • Developing a cooperative platform, instead of centralized, vertical organization.



“Free Riga” has emerged as an intermediary between owners of the empty spaces and prospective users of vacancy aiming to establish recognition and the much needed credibility for temporary use as a new, yet not known instrument dealing with vacancy.

Working closely with activists with expertise and skills from and on the ground ensures for the municipality access to information but also the ability to communicate (translate) in the right language.

The resources from NGOs go beyond those of the Municipality an complete them.

Such an NGO can play a key role in brokering between owners and users of temporary use.



City information

Population size: 501 th - 1 m
Population development dynamics of the administrative city (at the time of the project): no data/not applicable
Population development dynamics of the functional urban area (at the time of the project): no data/not applicable
Website of the city: no data/not applicable

Project information

Project territorial focus: no data/not applicable
Project geographical area: no data/not applicable
Project type and size: building: 101-500 sqm; area: no data/not applicable
Project main actors: no data/not applicable; Cultural, creative organisation, non-commercial private sector
Project dominant property ownership: no data/not applicable
Project development stage (at the time of description): no data/not applicable
Project duration: no data/not applicable
Project starting date: 2011-2014

Project References

Factsheet p36 in REFILL final publication

Contact Person

e-mail address of Marcis Rubenis, Free Riga,