Caen's territorial marketing actions to attract people to "invade" the underused Peninsula
Underused areas | Activating
Source: City of Caen
Source: City of Caen
Keywords: Abandoned Spaces | Brownfields | Urban development and infrastructure


Caen has developed a variety of artistic and cultural marketing actions to draw the attention of their citizens to the former harbour area and to become involved in the reactivation of this underused space.



To make the citizens discover the former harbour area the city of Caen has developed a variety of marketing actions. One has been «Drawing walks», «bike rides», «canoeing tours» and guided site visits to make people discover the underused area or the Street Art Festival «Palma Festival» to make an artistic buzz about the area or workshops for children to raise the awareness of children – and their parents – about the abandoned area.


The activities have helped to bring the area back into the consciousness of the citizens and to draw their attention to the future development of the area. The activities could be used to talk about the future of that area with the citizens.


City information

Population size: 101-250 th
Population development dynamics of the administrative city (at the time of the project): no data/not applicable
Population development dynamics of the functional urban area (at the time of the project): no data/not applicable
Website of the city: no data/not applicable

Project information

Project territorial focus: no data/not applicable
Project geographical area: no data/not applicable
Project type and size: building: 501-1000 sqm; area: no data/not applicable
Project main actors: no data/not applicable; Resident association, group, citizens
Project dominant property ownership: no data/not applicable
Project development stage (at the time of description): no data/not applicable
Project duration: no data/not applicable
Project starting date: 2011-2014

Project References

www.lepavillon-caen.com/; http://palmafestival.com/; 2nd Chance good-practice compilation, p. 29-31

Contact Person

Nathalie Montigné, director of Le Pavillon: nmontigne@caen.fr Catherine Joubel, City of Caen: cjoubel@caen.fr