Non-for-profit bridging between temporary use demands and vacant spaces offers in the city.
Underused buildings | Activating
Source: Matchpoint, Amersfoort
Source: Matchpoint, Amersfoort
Keywords: Temporary use | Participation | Social Innovation | Local Economic Development


Most of the empty spaces in Amersfoort are private properties. Initiatives and owners did not know each other and therefore did not come into contact with each other. A platform was needed and as such, Amersfoort initiated a network with the help of Matchpoint for companies, non-profit organisations and real estate owners.

The intention is to bring the owners and ideas of non-profit organisations increasingly together so that there will be more space for ideas and less space unused.

Matchpoint already has large experience with matchmaking social activities of companies and non-profit organisations. Matchpoint has a contract for 2017 and 2018 for organising this network for matchmaking.



Matchpoint is a network organisation, which intermediates between real estate owners on the one hand, and private companies and non-profit organisations on the other hand.

With a website and a strong database, through a variety of organised networking events MatchPoint tries to bring supply and demand together. There are several events organised where parties can network and make matches. Sometimes these events are thematic and sometimes they are organised as a yearly event, such as a business breakfast.

The project started with an experiment with Temporary use on a developing industrial area. There was a tender for non-profit organisations to come with proposals of initiatives for circular economy and temporary use of the area. There were more than 60 proposals.

Some events are visited by more than 150 representatives. Thematic events are mostly visited by approximately 15 experts, e.g. developing a toolbox for owners.


The initial intention was to have a business case for the Matchpoint project within one year.

In the last year, several funding partners were found for the project, but the business case is not complete yet. We need an extra year for a good business case.

Some estate brokers see the matchmaking as a competitive action and don't want to cooperate with Matchpoint.

Organising the matchmaking outside the town hall helps to create a better matchmaking, because it becomes less political and more professional.


City information

Population size: 101-250 th
Population development dynamics of the administrative city (at the time of the project): no data/not applicable
Population development dynamics of the functional urban area (at the time of the project): no data/not applicable
Website of the city: no data/not applicable

Project information

Project territorial focus: no data/not applicable
Project geographical area: no data/not applicable
Project type and size: building: no data/not applicable; area: no data/not applicable
Project main actors: no data/not applicable; City Government
Project dominant property ownership: no data/not applicable
Project development stage (at the time of description): no data/not applicable
Project duration: 6 months to 2 years
Project starting date: 2015-2018

Project References

Factsheet p 28 in REFILL final publication

Contact Person

e-mail address of Els van Kooten and Arno Goossens, Amersfoort city administration,,