Inspection festival to bring abandoned buildings and sites back into the public awareness
Underused buildings | Activating
Source: Begehungen e.V.
Source: Begehungen e.V.
Keywords: Abandoned Spaces | Brownfields | Culture and Heritage | Temporary use


Through an independent arts and culture festival every year one abandoned building or site is temporarily occupied, inviting people to visit the building, bringing the place and its history back into the public awareness.



BEGEHUNGEN is an independent arts and culture festival in Chemnitz dedicated to the promotion of young artists in abandoned buildings and sites. It takes place every year in August and is organised by a non-profit association working on a voluntary basis. The festival takes the vacant place as an opportunity, a chance to rethink and play with the vacancy. With the festival they try to open up new perspectives for the space and recall it to the memory of the city. They invite artists to initiate debates about selected themes by using visual, auditory or performing art. Artists apply with an idea and do a residency to work on the artwork in Chemnitz and the exhibition place.



Creating a festival like BEGEHUNGEN takes time. A well organised group of people is needed with different skills, like crafting, communication, finding financing resources, etc. The political and administration support of the city is needed, in particular to make the place safe that people are allowed to enter the building. The festival does not offer final solutions, but kicks off discussions how to reactivate and how to deal with the vacant places.


City information

Population size: 101-250 th
Population development dynamics of the administrative city (at the time of the project): no data/not applicable
Population development dynamics of the functional urban area (at the time of the project): no data/not applicable
Website of the city: no data/not applicable

Project information

Project territorial focus: no data/not applicable
Project geographical area: no data/not applicable
Project type and size: building: no data/not applicable; area: no data/not applicable
Project main actors: no data/not applicable; Resident association, group, citizens
Project dominant property ownership: no data/not applicable
Project development stage (at the time of description): no data/not applicable
Project duration: 6 months to 2 years
Project starting date: no data/not applicable

Project References, Facebook: @begehungen.chemnitz

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Begehungen e. V.,