The municipality is outsourcing a service of go-between and support between candidate for temporary use and owners of vacant spaces.
Underused buildings | Mainstreaming
Source: photos ZwischenZeitZentrale, Bremen
Source: photos ZwischenZeitZentrale, Bremen
Keywords: Temporary use | Abandoned Spaces | Social Innovation | Urban Renewal | Local Economic Development


Bremen initiated in 2009 a temporary use agency for the whole city of Bremen. After having a kind of pilot project for a limited time in the place of the old harbour site, the city of Bremen decided to apply with the idea of a temporary use agency for the whole city for a national programme of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and City Development. The proposed aims for the project were to re-develop deprived neighbourhood, to reduce running costs of public vacancy and to support local entrepreneurship, e.g. creative class.


Mainstreaming: establishing agency

The temporary use agency ZZZ (ZwischenZeitZentrale Bremen) is responsible to support, to initiate and to take care of temporary use projects all over Bremen. These projects can be varied from economic to social and cultural projects and from short-term events to long term uses with a perspective to endure in a regular use. It is implemented by a private company (the AAA GmbH) with one and half persons and a budget of 560 000 € for four years including a budget to support temporary use projects. The ZZZ is financed by the Senator resorts of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports, Sustainability, City Development and Transportation and Finances. A steering group of these three departments is counselling the work all four weeks with meetings.


In its work over the past eight years, the ZZZ has been established as a supporter for cultural, social and economic activities in the whole city. The direct contact between the ZZZ and the users had been crucial to get in touch, while the understanding and translation towards property owners and administration had been needed to get both together.

In its work the ZZZ had in particular been supporting part-time start-up business and giving incentives to deprived neighbourhoods that had been outside public perception.

One of the success factors of the ZZZ is its steering group with members of different departments of the city administration. In this group, open questions are discussed, aims of the ZZZ are determined and public support by the administration is organized.



City information

Population size: 501 th - 1 m
Population development dynamics within the city administrative limits (at the time of the project): Growing
Population development dynamics of the functional urban area (at the time of the project): Growing
Website of the city: www.bremen.de

Project information

Project territorial scale: Municipality (city/town/suburb)
Project geographical area: City centre
Project/building proportions: 501-1000 sqm; Project Area: No data/not applicable
Project main actors: Cultural, creative organisation, non-commercial private sector; City Government; Consultants, private professionals
Project dominant property ownership: Mixed
Project development stage (at the time of description): On-going
Project duration: More than 5 years
Project starting date: 2011-2014

Project references (web pages, social media or press publications)

Factsheet p 29 in REFILL final publication https://refillthecity.wordpress.com/media/final-publication; Details of the ZZZ structure in Bremen: With just a little help of a friend, REFILL Mag #3 p7, http://urbact.eu/sites/default/files/media/refill_magazine_3_ab.pdf#page=7;

Contact Person

e-mail address of Oliver Hasemann, ZZZ Zwischenzeitzentrale, oliver.hasemann@zzz-bremen.de