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Source: Inventimmo
Source: Inventimmo
Keywords: Abandoned Spaces | Brownfields | Land use and planning

PROJECT DESCRIPTION is the largest regularly updated online inventory (website and app) about vacant business premises for sale or rent in Brussels. It is accessed by 200.000 people a year free of charge and informs over 2.000 companies on a regular basis via an e-newsletter about business premises for sale or rent. Companies looking for business space for sale or rent can enter the online inventory and search by different criteria for fitting spaces, for example by type of space, location, buy or rent and size. is run by, a public agency with 5 employees.


Mapping & activating

To obtain and keep up-to-date the information in the online inventory, at least the following activities are implemented:

  • Every 6 month the premises in the inventory are visited by bike or public transport. Via the app ( the information is updated on-site.
  • Every 2 month the owners are called to check for changes.
  • Every day offers in the internet are checked and information received from owners and agencies directly added to the database.


In the near future owners will be given the opportunity to insert themselves the information about their business premises for sale or rent through an app to the online database.


In the internal system each vacant space is marked with a traffic light, signalising how long a vacant space has not been revisited or checked upon.


Once a year publishes an observatory report about vacancies and the market in Brussels. The report can be downloaded free of charge from the website (all trilingual publications: In addition, they offer further services to help companies to find a fitting space.


Key is to have a regularly updated site with fresh and updated information to attract many visitors. Due to the high number of visitors, the business premises can be re-used or find a new buyer or tenant more quickly.


City information

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Project information

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Contact Person

Inventimmo, Bart Hanssens, T +32 2 422 50 36